Is This A Haunting?

Have something going on in your home or business that you can’t explain: strange noises, objects moving, strange smells, hot and cold spots, behavioral changes, water faucets and lights turning on and off without anyone around, feelings of being watched, animals behaving strange, doors closing? If so you might be experiencing a haunting.

What do I do now you may ask?

First thing you should do is to try and remain calm. I know this is easier said than done; however, in some hauntings it has been discovered that ghost, spirits, apparitions, and entities what have you; feed off of fear and anger which can make your experiences become progressively worse.

Next determine, as best you can, whether or not you truly have a legitimate case of a haunting. Not all hauntings are alike, and they may exhibit a variety of phenomena. Some hauntings feature a single phenomenon; such as, a particular door slamming shut that occurs repeatedly, while others consist of many different phenomena, ranging from odd noises to full-blown apparitions.

Keep a record of the events; you can do this via written, video, camera, and recording device.  Log times, location and duration of episodes are also important.

A person who has experienced some of this phenomenon might have cause to believe that his or her house is haunted. In fact, according to most experts probably not; the human mind and human senses are easily fooled. And people can often mistake explainable if unusual occurrences in their homes for the paranormal.

Before you decide there’s a ghost in your house or move out from fear, do your best to find rational explanations for what you are experiencing.  Get help in finding rational explanations for the phenomena. A plumber might help you find the cause of that banging. A carpenter can fix that door from closing on its own. A friend or neighbor might be able to look at your particular experience in a different way and offer a reasonable explanation for your “haunting” that you might not have thought of. In short, make every possible effort to prove that your house is not haunted.

  • Do some research at your local library on your property and surrounding areas of your property.

  • Once you can rule out the obvious then ask yourself; “When did these events start to occur?”

  • Did something change in your house or business?  Have you remodeled, purchased an item for your home or business from a second hand store, garage sale etc; or had something given to you. Have you played with a Ouija board or have you held a séance? All these things mentioned can contribute to the manifestation of paranormal activity.

  • When should you call a paranormal investigator?

Only when you have ruled out any rational explanations for the phenomena you are experiencing and are thoroughly convinced that your house is truly haunted should you contact the experts. Of course, if the phenomenon is extreme and you feel that you and your family are in any kind of danger you should call for help right away.

Since there are many different types of hauntings the best thing you can do is call, write or visit a paranormal expert in your area.