Lake Ghost

Elizabeth Tolomeo

“I took this picture of my husband fishing at a very remote lake, Dorothy Dunn, in northern Wisconsin,” says Elizabeth. “The lake has no boat launch and no homes are on the lake. We had to hike in to the lake through brush and weeds.
“I took the picture in early 1990s. It wasn’t for some time after I had it developed it that I realized it appears that a young girl, possibly wearing a pinafore and bonnet, is off to the right of my husband. Everyone was so intrigued by the photo because there was nobody there. I had the photo hanging on my fridge for years, so it got a few scratches on it, but the image is quite clear.
“The area was once a busy logging area. The plague hit and many young children died. There is a cemetery in the area — Star Lake Cemetery — with all of their graves. If I had to guess, I’d say maybe it is a child spirit or possibly a native American child spirit. I don’t know. I just know nobody was there when I took the picture.”