DVR Ghost

Debra Jacobi

“I have a home that was built around 1886,” says Debra, “and there have been hundreds of experiences from apparitions visiting, voices caught on my DVR giving answers to questions asked by my sister or me, shadows seen, and things moving. I’ve let others listen to these recordings, but because what they are saying is so clear, people don’t believe that they’re real.
“These spirits have also used my now 12-year-old to channel through while he’s sleeping. He has no idea, but the DVR picked this up.
“I was taking photos one night of my kitchen to enter a sweepstakes for a free remodeling and thought I would take random pictures. In this one I caught a picture of a man. It looks as though there are other people as well, but I can’t be sure.
“I wish I was able to communicate with these people and find out who they are, but I’ve quit using the DVR since I heard an empty gun being shot and then cocked. This scared me to the point I almost wanted to move, so I try and ignore the sounds and things moving.