Cash Town

It is said that every room in the Cash town Inn is haunted. In the A.P. Hill Room, guests have reported the rocking chair mysteriously moving during the night and the sensation of someone sitting on the bed while they try to sleep. Guests have also heard thumping on the door and when they open the door, they find no one there. Two apparitions have been seen in the Inn – one, a woman, has been seen dozens of times in the General Lee Suite. The other, a confederate soldier, has been seen in the Heth Room. Finally, people have also reported encountering someone dressed in a Confederate uniform in the hallway or near the bar. In fact, the owner saw a shadowy figure walk through the downstairs hallway and then disappear into thin air. The Inn also has some photos containing ghostly figures lurking in the background. TVs mysteriously turn off and on and guests have reported returning to their rooms to find their suitcases packed. Some have even been awoken in the night by the sound of horses trampling through their bedroom. People regularly hear ghostly footsteps on the third floor, especially in the Robert E Lee room.