Ghastly Guardian


A mother cleaned her son’s room in his absence. During the cleaning, she threw out an old VCR and TV that was sitting on the chest of drawers in the left of the photo. The VCR and TV gave her a terrible feeling each time she looked at it. She took a photo of his room later that evening to remind him of home while he was away at private school. Upon review she found this strange apparition. It is believed the VCR and TV may have had negative emotional attachment to her abusive father.
You decide…Ghastly guardian or something else entirely? Thank you so much Kimberly for allowing us to share this!
Below you will notice two close up’s. TM has outlined the apparition (look close and you can see teeth). This image is truly extraordinary. We are very pleased here at ScatterJaw to be the first to bring this photograph to the public’s eye. We would like to thank our good friend TM from for his help with the close up outline of the apparition.