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Haunted Locations: Tennessee

Tennessee High School
Bristol, Tennessee
The Tennessee High School in Bristol is a haunted place, which is not an uncommon thing for a school to be. In fact, schools and colleges seem to attract spirits, often in the form of deceased teachers, maintenance workers and even former students. Tennessee High School doesn’t have just one ghost however… it boasts three. 

The Phantom Monk
Charleston, Tennessee
While the building this lost monk haunted has long since been torn down, the site that caused this spirit to walk can still be seen today. The location is now marked by a building that is the local Coon Hunters Association but many years ago, it was the scene of a horrible accident.

Craigmiles Mausoleum
Cleveland, Tennessee
Located in the southeastern Tennessee city of Cleveland is the Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church, a historic chapel built in the 1870’s. At the rear of the church is a marble mausoleum that, over the years, has attracted curiosity seekers from all over the region. The tomb is the burial place for the Craigmiles family, four members of who died tragically. The white surface of the stone is marred with streaks of crimson stain… the dark color of blood.

East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, Tennessee
One of the most famous ghosts resides in Gilbreath Hall, named for Sidney Gilbreath, the founding president of the University in 1911 and the resident specter of the building. Gilbreath’s ghost apparently watches over the place, closing doors and windows left open by mistake and turning off unnecessary lights. One student even claimed that she saw an apparition of the former president framed in an upper window of the hall one night.

Fiddler’s Rock
Johnson County, Tennessee
This rock outcropping, also sometimes known as “Screaming Rock”, is said to be haunted by the ghost of an old fiddler who used to play here many years ago. The rock itself seems to emit a high-pitched screeching sound on cold winter days, but short of a natural explanation, the sounds are said to come from the phantom fiddle of Martin Stone. It was here that Martin used to sit and play a fiddle that would charm the rattlesnakes…. and in so doing, met an untimely death.

Rotherwood Mansion
Kingsport, Tennessee
Rotherwood Mansion is a historic, private home that is located above the Holston River in eastern Tennessee. It is said to be haunted by two ghosts, although only one of them is the spirit credited with giving Rotherwood its horrific reputation. The mansion was built in 1818 by Frederick Ross, who actually founded the town of Rossville, which later became Kingsport. He was a successful plantation owner and proud father of a daughter named Rowena, a girl who was admired and loved by everyone in the region.

Orpheum Theater
Memphis, Tennessee
According to theater legends, this grand building is haunted by the ghost of a small girl known as “Mary“. She was reportedly struck and killed by a car on Beale Street and somehow her spirit found refuge in the nearby Orpheum Theater.

The Haunted Tennessee Capitol Building
Nashville, Tennessee
Since before the Civil War, the State Capitol in Nashville has been located on the highest summit in the city. It is believed that spirits of the past linger here…

Haunting at the Hermitage Home of Andrew Jackson
Near Nashville, Tennessee
The former home of Tennessee icon and American president Andrew Jackson is located just outside of Nashville and is called the Hermitage. The plantation was a place of refuge for the General and one that he dearly loved. In fact, he has never really left it; as his body, along with that of his wife Rachel, is entombed on the property. Others believe that he has never left the property in other ways as well!

Ghosts of the Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, Tennessee
Over the years, one of the Gallery visitors, a mysterious man in gray, has been sighted from time to time. He had never been seen during performances, but late at night, after the audience has gone home. At times when only maintenance workers and security guards are in the building, the Gray Man has been spotted sitting in the balcony. Others say that he has been seen during rehearsals as well. However, when anyone goes up to the Gallery to send him on his way, the balcony is always found to be deserted. Often when they return downstairs, they will once again see him in the same seat… a seat that was empty moments before.

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Haunted Locations: Texas

McDow’s Hole
Alexander, Texas
It is said that there is a headless woman that walks the creek bed with her head in one arm looking for her baby. The story goes that she, her husband, and their baby lived in a small house in the late 1800’s. Her husband left her and the baby there while he was out farming. Indians came in killed the wife and threw the baby into the creek. Cars stall, banging on the outside of cars and reports of a ball of light chasing passersby.

Eagle Stadium
Allen, Texas
It is said that Eagle Stadium is haunted by an ex-football player that died 65 years ago. There have been sightings of a shadow running down the field at midnight, but the ghost has only been seen on Friday nights after a game.

Sul Ross State University
Alpine, Texas
The story is of a young woman who killed herself in the Fletcher resident hall. To this day a girl can be seen walking around late at night in a skimpy nightgown. Also, things end up missing even if the doors had been locked all day. People report seeing strange apparitions at the foot of the bed, whenever there is a mention of the “Fletcher Ghost”, a door slams, there is a loud bang, someone screams, or some other jolting noise.

Alton Bus Crash
Alton, Texas
In September 1989 a school bus fell over the ledge of a pit full of water. 21 children drowned that day while struggling to get out of the bus. Now it is fenced in. People have claimed to hear the screams of the children. Though most of the locals figure it is the teens that hang around there. Some people even claim to have seen figures sitting on the ledge of the pit. Park and get off to see everything up close. There is a definite sense of sorrow and gloom surrounding the area.

Harby Jr. High
Alvin, Texas
This place is teeming with weird things. During the Galveston Hurricane of 1900, some bodies were buried where the school was built. Teachers have reported seeing the faces of people in windows. Also showers in the locker rooms will turn on without anyone ever being in the locker room.

Amarillo, Texas
Formerly Bonanza Supermarket – back in the 1980’s, before Gebo’s ever opened a second store, a supermarket called Bonanza was there. People say that an employee there was killed in the meat department one night. Present day, stories of the ghost haunt Gebo’s. Moving items and misplacing them at night… since then, the employees try to avoid night inventory. In the morning, things would be out of place… Lots of employees have seen what the ghost has done.

Trade winds Airport
Amarillo, Texas
Rumor has it that back when the place was a private air strip, a woman caught her husband with his mistress in their private plane and killed both of them then committed suicide. This would explain the distinct smell of perfume, which comes and goes (even in the strongest breeze) Also strange lights (like a plane gearing up), can be seen coming from an abandoned hanger. From this same area the sounds of arguing have been heard but there is no one there.

Blue Light Cemetery Andice, Texas Babies cries are heard accompanied with the feeling of being watch and a blue light, has also been spotted.

Andrews Middle School
Andrews, Texas
They say that when you go to the school when its dark you can park your car in an angle with your headlights on in front of the school and you can see a shadow that spells out ” Thirteen” because the legend goes that a young boy used to always tag drawings and that he died on his birthday the 13th and that was the same day he died.

Shafter Lake
Andrews, Texas
West of Highway 385 Is the original location of the county seat of Andrews County, Shafter. It was named after a Confederate general of the same last name. The town was almost completely wiped out by a smallpox epidemic around the turn of the last century, possibly sometime before 1910. Up until about ten years ago, the cemetery where the victims were buried was located on the near edge of the small lake (which comes and goes as it pleases), but the bodies were moved and reentered elsewhere. Legend was that a “lady in white” haunted the graveyard, possibly the reason for its removal. Sometime during the fall of the year, you may also see a troop of Confederate soldiers and their horses galloping across the lake, usually during a full moon. Most think it is General Shafter and his men, who did patrol that area before it was settled, trying to escape Comanche Indians pursing them. By the way, the lake wasn’t (and isn’t) always there. It just appeared sometime in the forties, according to my mother, who lived in the area from 1948 on. The water is very salty, not good for anything, and there is no explanation for its being there at all.

Haunted Bridge On The Outskirts Of Town
Anson, Texas
An old metal bridge in the outskirts is supposedly haunted by some hanging victim. It is extremely loud if you drive on it and if walked upon footstep can be heard underneath and wind blowing on one side yet be calm on the other.

Anson Lights
Anson, Texas
The story was covered by the television series Unsolved Mysteries about a year ago. Many residents from Anson and the near town of Abilene have gone to witness these phenomenal lights. The cemetery is located going towards the country. The lights are viewed by driving down the dirt farm road equivalent of about a half mile or more. As you drive closer to the cemetery towards the lights they disappear. As for the actual story for this occurrence, is unsolved. Local myth says that this light is the ghost of a mother carrying a lantern looking for her missing child. The child had left the house on cold winter day and was lost and froze to death. The mother’s spirit still searches for her child.

Driskill Hotel
Austin, Texas
Colonel Jesse Driskill, a highly successful cattle baron completed construction on the Romanesque style Driskill hotel in 1886 at a cost of $400,000. Built with six million bricks and limestone, the Grand Hotel boasted sixty rooms and twelve corner rooms with attached baths. It also included steam heating, an electronic bell system and gas lighting. Because of the gas pipes that were running through the hotel, Driskill made it as fireproof as possible, by making the walls between the rooms eighteen inches thick and adding two layers of iron between each floor. Opening day was December 20th of the same year. Less than five months after the hotel opened its doors, Driskill was forced to close it down due to financial difficulties. The doors were reopened five months later under new management. This was the first of many changes Driskill would see before his death in 1890. The hotel changed hands a few more times until 1895 when it was purchased by George Littlefield who vowed that the hotel would never close again. After spending over $60,000 in renovations, added 28 rooms and established the American National Bank in the hotel. Littlefield sold the hotel in 1906. In 1930 the building was expanded with a thirteen story tower and private bathrooms were added to each of the sixty rooms. In 1952 the hotel was equipped with air conditioning. The hotel was threatened with demolition in 1969 but was saved when the Driskill Hotel Corporation raised $700,000. The Driskill reopened in 1973 and today is fully restored to what it used to be. Many people believe that after he died, Jesse Driskill returned to his hotel to stay forever. Many people believe that he is the one responsible for the smell of cigar smoke that appears out of nowhere and that he is the one playing with the bathroom lights in some of the rooms on the top level. Staff and customers have reported the sounds of a child laughing and a ball bouncing down the mezzanine staircase. The story behind this is that a four year old girl was playing with a ball at the top of the staircase and fell to the bottom where she died. A third entity is that of a woman who shot herself while staying in room 29. The woman was distraught because her fiancée called off their wedding. When she didn’t leave the room for three days the housekeeper went to check on her. She found her in a pool of blood in the bathtub. The woman is sometimes seen coming out of the elevator with an arm full of shopping bags. Mrs. Bridges, a former front desk clerk can be seen arranging flowers that aren’t there anymore. Peter J. Lawless, who lived in the hotel for thirty years, is often seen checking his packet watch in the elevator. The ghost of a man who used to entertain his lady friends on the third floor is said to haunt the third floor. Guests have reported having their face and arms touched by unseen hands and have also seen figures on their balconies or sitting in chairs in their rooms. Other reports include faucets and lights turning on and off by themselves, and objects moving on their own.

Aquila, Texas
There this really old cemetery that’s back in the woods, it’s a historical marker but you have to go through a field to get to it. But once you get back there there’s an opening in the trees were you can see into the field around you. If you flash your lights toward that opening then you’ll see this 18 wheeler-diesel (w/o a trailer) coming right at you. If you don’t leave right then it will come to you.

Trains On The Invisible Railroads
Aquila, Texas
There used to be a railroad track here. A long time ago the city burnt down twice because of the trains throwing sparks, so they decided to just take up all the rails. Well every now and then around 12:00 midnight you can hear the train. Residents say it’s so loud that it will wake you up from a dead sleep! You can see the light on the front and hear it blow its whistle! But it never stops it just goes right through town.

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Haunted Locations: Utah  

American Fork Canyon
American Fork, Utah
If you talk to anyone in Utah, you will know that AF canyon is very creepy at night. It has been reported that there is a ghost hitchhiker in the canyon. There is also a cemetery about half way up that has had sightings of apparitions in it. This canyon is deadly. Every year several people lose their lives due to auto accidents here. I have no doubt that spirits are roaming this place.

Cry Baby Bridge
Bear River City, Utah
It is reported that a woman drove her car off the bridge killing her and her children. At times if you park on the bridge you can hear their screams.

Voodoo Caves
Beaver Dam, Utah
A worker was killed in the underground pipe. It is said that when his spirit appears the water will flow backwards.

Old Arrowhead Swimming Resort
Benjamin, Utah
A six year old boy drown in the pool and some guests have said that they have seen the shadow of a boy as well as a green mist on the stairs. In one of the upstairs bedrooms, if you are awake around one in the morning you are able to hear several soft voices. In the two downstairs bedrooms there have been sightings of an old woman and a very unpleasant presence. Some also tell of a “ghost cat” that wanders around the back of the house near the place that it was buried.

The Pump House
Benjamin, Utah
There is an old pump house in Benjamin. It used to be used to regulate the arrogation flow to the farmers. It is said that there were two men working alone there one night, and one of the men got caught in one of the machines and died, the other man trying to pull him out got his arm caught and died from loss of blood. Needless to say they don’t use it anymore, and all electricity to the place has been shut off. But when driving by after dark, on many occasions, through the cracks in the boarded up windows you can see light shining through, generated from an unknown source. Upon approaching the house you can hear people talking, and music playing in the background but no one is inside. Authorities have been called by numerous residents claiming to hear “trespassers” in the old pump house, but upon inspection, they find no one, and no evidence of entry.

Bountiful, Utah
Voices are heard in the old wood cemetery along with strange smells and sounds. There is a tombstone that belongs to a temple worker for the salt lake temple. It is always warm.

The Haunted Museum
Bountiful, Utah
There is an old building on eaglewood drive that once was used as a mortuary, a mink farm, and most recently a museum. The museum is abandoned, but still has many LDS “artifacts” and there has been dark shadowy people seen on the property with a very eerie presence felt.

View Mont High School
Bountiful, Utah
Ted Bundy abducted one of his victims from this high school. Reports of seeing her and his yellow VW bug still exist to this day.

Dove Creek Camp
Brigham City, Utah
This abandoned labor camp was once used for Chinese immigrant workers that laid the first transcontinental railroad tracks. It is haunted by the sounds and voices of the Chinese workers who lived and died there, ghostly lights have also been reported.

Historic Train Depot
Brigham City, Utah
Workers report the presence of a spirit that haunts this historic site. The Utah Ghost Organization has investigated this place and recorded EVP and filmed ORBS on video cameras. This is a very nice place to visit even if you are not looking for ghosts.

Old Indian schools
Brigham, Utah
The sound of windows breaking, flying objects and ghost sightings are a few of the reported happenings. Doors will shut and open on their own. There are a lot of different buildings and a hospital. – November 2003 Update: The Indian Schools were originally built to house Indians in Northern Utah as sort of a dormitory/high school type of situation. In fact, up in the Brigham City Valley, there is a “B” on the Mountain for Box Elder and though faded, the “I” is still present as well. the school also served as a Hospital for wounded soldiers during WWII. As a precautionary measure there were many underground tunnels that were built to support the likes of an evacuation. Today many of the buildings have been remade into apartment housing and also are rented out as storage, but some are still closed to the public and are not being used for anything. The tunnels were boarded up at the end of the war. Today the buildings not in use stand deserted and boarded up. Kids from the area go inside sort of like a dare. Upon one of these instances it was discovered that the tunnels that were once boarded up now stand open to those daring enough to go inside. One of the rooms you can get to by use of the tunnels has been used for satanic rituals. Blood hangs on the walls; there is a pot in the corner and an “alter” in the middle of the room. Another room has paintings of demonic clowns with knives and other sharp objects painted on the walls. There have been speakers and lecturers brought in to speak on the subject at the college. One speaker said that Northern Utah was 2nd in the nation among Satan worshiping among teenagers. It is verified by police there is some sort of human activity and they warn not to go up there.

Idle Isle Cafe and Candy Co
Brigham City, Utah
Voices and strange occurrences from the dining room have been reported after closing time. Objects fall off shelves; chairs are moved or knocked over. Several people have seen what they believe is the ghost of an old Native American man which haunts the Idle Isle and several other businesses on Main Street in Brigham City. One day a worker at the Idle Isle Cafe was cleaning behind the soda fountain. As she stood up, a Native American man was standing at the fountain. He startled the girl since she hadn’t heard the front door to the cafe open. He asked for some dinner rolls. She wrote down his order, then looked up to ask if he wanted anything else, but he was gone. She asked everyone in the restaurant if they had seen the man leave or come in, but nobody had. In the basement of the Cafe is the Idle Isle Candy Company. It is here that the candy factory is located. A worker was mixing ingredients one day when she felt a hand push her shoulder, causing her to step back. She turned but saw nobody. There is also a woman who is occasionally seen roaming the factory and Cafe dressed in 1940’s style clothing. Her description matches that of the current owner’s grandmother, who died in the 1960’s.

Rocky Mountain High School
Byron, Utah
You can hear people in the weight room when investigated, it is always empty. It is rumored someone hung themselves up there. Typing in the typing room has been heard and in the library there is a feeling of being watched.

Brick house
Cedar City, Utah
The Brick house is now known as Betty’s Cafe and is located on Main Street in Cedar City. Employees have reported seeing a very active presence within the old home. The ghost has been spotted late at night wearing a plaid shirt.

Abandoned Retirement Center
Cedar City, Utah
If you drive by the street at night, you will see an old lady staring out the window at you. Also there are weird lights on and shapes moving around. There is one room that is lighted red and the other half is lighted green.

The Depot Junction – Godfather’s Pizza
Cedar City, Utah
A psychic come in and said that a worker who died in the basement (boiler room) was still present down there as well as some others. workers have witnessed countless strange occurrences. These include noises (moaning, screaming, talking, clanking) coming from downstairs, the television has turned on and off by itself, objects have moved around by themselves- pizza bags have flown out of their holders. They heard a little girl crying in the front one time. Lights also turn off by themselves. We also used to have a piano that would play the same notes over and over by its self. Overall strange feelings fill this place. When the psychic came in to eat, she instantly knew something was strange about it.

Southern Utah University Campus – Old Main
Cedar City, Utah
Various incidences involving the lights of the building turning themselves on and off, students being trapped in the elevators. Elevators moving on their own and the figure of a woman are often seen wandering around the third floor. Most students and staff refuse to spend time inside this building after dark.

Town Church
Clarkston, Utah
In the ward house the chapel is upstairs. It has been reported that after hearing the organ playing, a man ran upstairs to see who it was because he should have been the only one in the building. He could not see a body, but organ was being played right in front of his eyes, keys and floor pedals. Soon the playing stopped and he saw a silhouette of a old woman drifting away from the organ.