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Haunted Locations: Ohio 

Oak Hill Cottage
Mansfield, Ohio
The Oak Hill Cottage was built in 1847 for John Robinson and his wife who lived in the house for fifteen years and raised five children. The house boasts seven gables, five double chimneys and seven marble fireplaces. Oak Hill changed hands several times until 1864 Dr. Johannes Aten Jones bought it for his wife Frances. The Jones’ raised four daughters in the house. The fifth child died during infancy. The Jones family occupied the home for over one hundred years and some of the furnishings on display belonged to them. Paranormal activity has become commonplace in the Oak Hill Cottage. In one of the upstairs rooms the apparition of a little boy makes himself known. He is believed to be one of John Robinson’s sons who died in the house. He isn’t the only ghost seen in the house. A woman in 1800s clothing, believed to be the ghost of Mrs. Jones, has also been spotted on the staircase and wandering around the house straightening pillows, and cleaning away dust. The chandelier on the main floor has been known to flicker on and off almost in a rhythmic pattern. Some people that enter the house for a tour can only get as far as the parlor and have to leave the house because of the eerie feeling they get from being inside.

Franklin Castle
Cleveland, Ohio

Franklin Castle was built in the late 1800s for grocer and banker Hannes Tiedemann. The four-story gothic building at one time boasted thirty rooms and a ballroom on the entire third floor, and is now one of the most haunted buildings in Cleveland. Hannes Tiedemann, who lived at the house with his wife, mother and children, had the reputation of being a harsh, strict man. Many people believed that he was abusive towards his family and that he also had something to do with all the mysterious deaths that took place while he was living there. In 1861 his first daughter Emma died from diabetes, followed not long after by Tiedemann’s mother, Wiebeka. The next three years would see the deaths of three more children. People began to wonder if the deaths were natural as Tiedemann had them believe. Following the tragic deaths, Hannes began construction on the castle adding secret passageways, hidden doors, secret rooms and tunnels. It is in one of these tunnels that Tiedemann allegedly hung his thirteen year old niece from the rafters. He is also said to have murdered a servant girl on her wedding day in the front tower. The other version of the story is that his mistress was accidentally strangled in that room. Past owners have claimed to hear the sounds of a woman choking coming from the room and it has also been reported that while in the room people have felt like they were being strangled. The bones of dozens of babies were found in one of the secret rooms, and were rumored to be from botched medical experiments. Luise Tiedemann, Hannes’ wife, died in 1895 of what was reported as liver disease and shortly after Hannes sold the castle to the Mulhauser family. The following summer while strolling through the park, Hannes suffered a massive stroke and died. In 1913 the house was sold again to a German Socialist Party whose members were believed to be Nazi spies. Stories are told about the twenty or so members that were shot and killed in one of the secret rooms. They occupied the house for fifty five years, renting out rooms to people who need a place to stay. James Romano along with his wife and children were the next to move into the house. Mrs. Romano reported on a number of occasions that her children had been playing with some other children upstairs. Possibly the ghosts of the Tiedemann children. She also reported the sounds of footsteps running along the floors upstairs and the sound of organ music. There was no organ in the house. She also reported hearing strange voices coming from the third floor. The Romano’s believed their house was haunted and consulted a catholic priest. When he refused to perform an exorcism they contacted a paranormal research group. During the investigation of the group’s members quickly fled the house and was clearly traumatized by something they had witnessed inside. The Romano’s sold the house in 1974 to Sam Muscatello, who began giving tours of the old castle. Sam also experienced the paranormal phenomena that plagued previous owners. He witnessed the apparition of a woman in black, objects began to mysteriously disappear and there were the constant eerie sounds throughout the entire building. Muscatello began searching for Tiedemann’s secret passageways and rooms and stumbled upon a skeleton behind a secret panel in the tower room. After this discovery he became very ill and had to sell the castle. The castle changed hands a few more time over the years and each owner experienced something paranormal. There have been many reports of chandeliers spinning uncontrollably, children crying, extreme cold spots and mysterious vapors that materialize in some of the rooms. Many people have claimed to see a woman dressed in black through one of the castle windows. It is believed to be the ghost of either Tiedemann’s mistress or the servant girl who both died in the house.

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Haunted Locations: Oklahoma 

Stone Lion Inn
Guthrie, Oklahoma
In 1906 a Mr. F.E. Houghton became the first man to open a car dealership in Oklahoma, making him and his family very wealthy. The Houghton family started out in a little house just on the east side of what is now the Stone Lion Inn. That same year Mr. Houghton started to build a bigger house on the land of the Stone Lion Inn. Having a small home with six children just didn’t seem fair to them so he started to create their dream home. It wasn’t until 1907 that the family could actually move in. $11,900 later the family moved into their new home and began to enjoy all the space it had to offer. This house was considered to be one of the most expensive houses built in Guthrie, OK. Most houses in the area would build for $800 to $1200. The home was 8,000 square feet and had 4 levels at each 2,000 square feet. Not only was the Houghton family happy about all their extra space, but they actually were excited that they could expand their family and went on to have 6 more children. In total the family would have had 6 wonderful children, but during the time the family lived in their much smaller home one of children had passed away from being over medicated by the family nanny. This young girl’s tragic story didn’t end there. Many stories and tales were created over this family’s upset and led people to believe that this young girl was haunting the family’s new home. For years, many stories have been told about the ghost of “Augusta” haunting the Stone Lion Inn. When more research was done by a paranormal group they discovered that yes a young girl had passed away in the family but it didn’t state a name or the real cause of death, but she did not pass away in the Stone Lion Inn. The Houghton’s went on to live in the house until the 1920s when it was then sold and turned into a boarding house because of the amount of room it held. Eventually the boarding house was shut down and a funeral home moved in. It wasn’t until 1986 that the house was sold again and became a beautiful Bed and Breakfast named the Stone Lion Inn. There have been several stories that surround the B&B. The new owner Becky Luker didn’t mind at all. She immediately started renovations on the house to give it a homey feel. Once the renovations had started a lot of unexplained things started to happen, loud footsteps could be heard on the stairs and doors opening and closing on their own. As mentioned early rumors swirled that the house was haunted by young Augusta Houghton and that she would run the hallways and occupy a closet in the house. The sounds of laughter would occur like a child playing. The owner’s son would put his toys away at night and in the morning they would be scattered everywhere. It was reported that the other Houghton siblings do think that their sister does haunt the B&B that was once their home, and that the closet people referred to was one that the toys were stored in and they would sneak in to play with them at night. Many claim that a man haunts the B&B as well, and that it could very well be Mr. Houghton. Pipe smoke has been smelt when there was only the owner home, and many guest claim that they smell and see smoke from a cigar. Many more guest have left the B&B with small experiences that they enjoyed sharing with the owner, stories such as what felt like a child patting them on the face at night or someone jumping and playing on the bed beside them. However annoying it was, it was never a very frightening experience for the guest. Paranormal Research groups and Ghost Hunters have been to the B&B to figure out what, if anything is going on. Several EVP’s have been recorded of doors slamming and even a voice telling them to “GET OUT”. Some people, be it guests or ghost hunters leave the B&B completely satisfied with a few memories of a beautiful place and maybe a paranormal experience or two.

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Haunted Locations: Oregon 

White Eagle Tavern
Portland, Oregon
The White Eagle Restaurant, also known as “The Bucket of Blood,” for the many brawls that took place inside and around it, was built in the waterfront neighborhood of Albina by two Polish Immigrants, Barney Sobolski and William Hryszko, in 1905. It was opened to offer other polish immigrants a place to relax, drink and gamble. There was also a brothel upstairs and a brothel and opium den downstairs. White Female immigrants were forced to work in the brothel upstairs and the cheaper non white women downstairs. Many people died violent and untimely deaths at the White Eagle Tavern and some of them have never left. In the basement of the old building there have been reports of two female ghosts who are believed to have been prostitutes at the White Eagle, and also a very aggressive entity that likes to push. Strange noises and voices are also heard and freezer doors open and close on their own. Upstairs you can find Rose, the prostitute. She was murdered in 1926 by a customer or a jealous lover. You will also find Sam, polish immigrant who lived alone in the rooms until his death in 1950. He can be seen through the window of one of the rooms. “Brassy,” a prostitute named for her brassy-blonde hair is also wandering the upstairs floor. In the women’s bathroom downstairs you may find that something is throwing rolls of toilet paper at you, and piles of unrolled toilet paper can often be found on the floor. You may also find that something unlocks the bathroom door when you are in it. Utensils and kitchen equipment has been known to fly around, mops and brooms clean up on their own and people have been pushed at the top of the stairs leading to the kitchen.

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Haunted Locations: Pennsylvania 

Logan Inn
New Hope, Pennsylvania
John Wells, who is considered by some to be the founder of New Hope’s community was licensed to keep a ferry 1n 1722 and later in 1727, was licensed to keep a tavern. This resulted in the Ferry Tavern which is now known as the Logan Inn. The name changed from Ferry Tavern to Logan Inn in 1828 after ferry operations ceased. Logan Inn is one of the five oldest continuously running Inns in the U.S. The Inn is not only famous for its past guests, who include George Washington; it is famous for its current resident ghosts. It is believed that there are at least five ghosts haunting the old building. Many people have reported seeing the apparition of a Revolutionary War soldier lurking around various areas of the Inn. The second spirit is that of a little girl who reportedly drowned near the Inn years ago. She can be seen wandering aimlessly in the parking lot. The most haunted room in the Inn is room six. There are many reports of a man in the bathroom mirror who is there one minute and gone the next. Guests have been awoken by the feeling of pressure on their chest. Some have reported seeing a white, misty form floating around the room. Room number six has also been the scene of two entities that resemble children both in the mirror and standing in the room. Crying has also been heard in this room and pillows are known to fly from under your head as you sleep. In the basement and on the stairs leading down a ghost in old style clothing has been seen and heard. The lights in this area seem to have a mind of their own and turn off and on when they want to. The final reported ghost is that of Emily. She is featured in a portrait at the Inn. It is said that she loved to wear lavender perfume. Many people have claimed to smell the perfume when they walk by the picture.