Haunted Locations: Kansas

Sentinel Hill
Hays, Kansas
In 1867, Elizabeth Polly, wife of Ephraim Polly, was the hospital matron at the Fort Hays hospital during the cholera epidemic. She was in charge of helping sick and dying soldiers cope with the disease and the fact that they were going to die. In the evening she would often walk to a hill on the south of the fort, now known as Sentinel Hill. It was here where she found some comfort and spiritual healing. Elizabeth, in 1867 contracted the disease herself and she told her husband that she wanted to be buried at the top of the hill she had visited many times. Because of all the rocks it was not possible to make a grave for her so she was buried at the base of the hill. In 1967 there was a monument placed at the top of the hill in her memory. Even in death Elizabeth still visits the hill. Many people have reported seeing her spirit wearing and blue dress and bonnet. There have also been reports that she appears as a glowing blue mist. She has become known as the “Blue Light Lady.”

Beaumont Hotel
Beaumont, Kansas
Edwin Russell established the historic Beaumont Hotel in the beautiful scenic Flint Hills of Kansas in 1879. It was first used as a stagecoach station and stopping place for travelers from Fredonia and Wichita. Guests included cattle barons from Texas and Oklahoma and the elite of the Frisco Railroad. It was used as headquarters for those who shipped or brought cattle in to eat. There was also a brothel operating out of the hotel. The wife would entertain men upstairs and the husband would handle all the business downstairs. One of the clients at the brothel was a young cowboy who the wife became smitten with. The husband was not too happy about the relationship the wife and the cowboy developed so the husband shot and killed him. There have been reports by staff and guests that the cowboy is now haunting the old hotel. Loud thumping can be heard on the stairs and on the top floor of the hotel. Guests have reported chairs being moved in rooms and alarms clocks that sound off all hours of the night. Staff members have even reported seeing the apparition of the cowboy.

Fort Leavenworth
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
Fort Leavenworth is the oldest active Army post west of the Mississippi River. Col. Henry Leavenworth, with the officers and men of the 3rd Infantry Regiment from Jefferson Barracks at St. Louis, Mo., established Fort Leavenworth in 1827. In 1839, Col. S. W. Kearney marched against the Cherokees with 10 companies of dragoons, the largest U.S. mounted force ever assembled. Throughout the war with Mexico, Fort Leavenworth was the outfitting post for the Army of the West. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Camp Lincoln was established on post as a reception and training station for Kansas volunteers. News of the approach of Confederate Gen. Sterling Price prompted construction of Fort Sully, a series of earthworks for artillery emplacements on Hancock Hill, overlooking what is now the Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery. The United States Disciplinary Barracks was established in 1875. The fort’s first Catholic Church was built in 1871, and was later replaced by St. Ignatius Chapel in 1889. St. Ignatius Chapel was destroyed by fire in December 2001. The first Protestant chapel, Memorial Chapel, was built by prison labor in 1878 of stone quarried on post. In 1985, the Harold K. Johnson wing was added to house the Combined Arms and Services Staff School. The Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery is one of the first 12 national cemeteries established by Abraham Lincoln on July 17, 1862. Veterans since the War of 1812 have been laid to rest in the cemetery. One veteran of the War of 1812 is the cemetery’s most famous occupant, Col. Henry Leavenworth, who gave his name to the fort, the town, the county and the cemetery. There is a lot of history at Fort Leavenworth and also a lot of ghosts.

The first haunting is by the ghost of Catherine Sutler. Catherine, her husband and her two children stopped at the Fort on their way to Oregon in the late 1800s to visit friends. The morning after their arrival the children, named Ethan and Mary, went to collect firewood but did not return. For three days their parents along with other residents of the Fort searched for the children but were unable to locate them. It was believed that they were dead, possibly washed away by the river. Catherine refused to give up the search and for months she could be seen searching for her children both day and night. Eventually Catherine contracted pneumonia and died. In the spring her husband left the Fort and returned home. Not long after his arrival in Indiana, he received a message that his children were alive. The children had, in fact, been swept in to the river but they were rescued a little ways up by a band of Indians. The children were cared for during the winter months and then were returned to the Fort when spring broke. The children were returned to their father but their mother, Catherine, stayed behind.

It is told that she can still be seen wandering the fort with a lantern in search of her two children. She can even be heard calling out to them. Father Fred is another ghost that haunts the Fort. In the 1870s the original church and rectory burned down taken the life of young Father Fred. A house was built on the old church grounds. Residents of the house throughout the years have claimed to see the apparition of a priest wandering the building. They say he appears mostly on the stairs and in the kitchen but has also appeared in the dining room and has even been captured in photographs. The Rookery at the Fort is believed to be the oldest and the most haunted house in all of Kansas. The building is believed to be haunted by several ghosts. The most famous and terrifying ghost is that of a woman with long hair and fingernails who lunges toward people as they make their way through the house. Other people have reported seeing the apparition of an old lady sitting in the corner of a room, the apparition of a little girl, and the apparition of an old man who would wake them as they tried to sleep. Many people have also reported seeing the ghost of General George Armstrong Custer on numerous occasions. The officer’s quarters is believed to be haunted by the ghost of an old man with a goatee. It is reported that his face appeared in the fireplace and lingered even as the fire burned out. He has also been spotted in the bathroom shaving and in one of the bedrooms. People have reported extremely loud footsteps on the stairs, loud banging throughout the house, frigid cold spots, and doors slamming shut on their own.


Haunted Locations: Kentucky

Lindsey Wilson College
Columbia, Kentucky
Lindsey Wilson College was founded in January 1903 as Lindsey Wilson Training School. The school was named in memory of Lindsey Wilson, the deceased nephew and stepson of Catherine Wilson of Louisville, Ky. Mrs. Wilson contributed $6,000 toward construction of one of the school’s first buildings, which now serves as the L.R. McDonald Administration Building. The training school opened for classes in January 1904. In its early years, Lindsey Wilson educated grades one through 12. In 1923, the school’s curriculum was reorganized and a college department offering a junior college degree was added. In 1934, Lindsey Wilson closed its academy and the school became exclusively a junior college. The college, however, maintained a Model Training School from 1933 through 1979. Located between the soccer field and the gym is Horton Hall. The second floor of this building is said to be haunted by an aggressive dark shadowy figure. It is reported that this dark figure lifts up the ceiling tiles and shakes them violently. Others claim that if you lay still and are very quiet, the dark shadow will climb out of the ceiling and into the room. Once in the room if the shadow sees you it will let out an almost deafening screeching sound and climb back up into the ceiling.

Paducah, Kentucky
Whitehaven was built in the 1860′s by Edward L. Anderson. The house remained in the Anderson family till 1903 when it was sold to a local bank clerk named Ed I. Atkins. He was the one to name the house Whitehaven. The house was remodeled to a Classical Revival style and the six Corinthian pillars were added along with the stained glass. The next owner was the mayor of Paducah, James P. Smith who purchased the house in 1908. He and his wife had six children so they added six bedrooms to the house. He also renamed the house “Bide-A-Wee,” Scottish adage for “Come Rest A While.” The family remained until 1968 when they abandoned it believing it was going to be torn down to build a highway which now runs in front of it. The house remained empty and was subject to extensive damage and vandalism until 1981 when it was purchased and restored once again. The mansion opened in 1983 as Whitehaven Tourist Welcome Centre. Many visitors to the house have paranormal experiences. They have reported the smell of a delicious holiday feast being prepared in the employees’ break room which used to be the kitchen. Guests and employees alike have reported seeing the apparition of a woman on the balcony of the second floor bedroom. She is believed to be the ghost of the wife of former mayor, James P. Smith. It is reported that she turns lights off and on and her perfume can be smelled throughout the house.

Paramount Arts Center
Ashland, Kentucky
The Paramount Arts Center, formerly known as the Paramount Theatre, first opened in 1931 and was built to show silent pictures. In 1939 the theatre underwent some renovations. During the renovations one of the construction workers was found hanging in the auditorium. It is believed to have been a suicide. The paramount Theatre closed forty years later in 1971. The next year the Foundation for the Tri-State Community, under the leadership of Ashland Oil CEO Paul Blazer, Jr., purchased the theater and established it as a performing arts center. It reopened that same year under the new name “Paramount Arts Center”. Since the death of the construction worker in 1939, there have been many reports of paranormal activity. Guests and employees have felt a strange presence in the auditorium. Strange noises can be heard throughout the building, cold spots and drafts are felt and the apparition of a man has also been spotted. In 1992 Billy Ray Cyrus shot the video for Achy Breaky Heart inside the theatre. He was told about the ghost of the construction worker and would even talk to him between takes. Billy Ray autographed pictures for the staff at the theatre and also autographed one for the ghost. The pictures were hung in the box office, including the one signed to the ghost. The wall became too full and the picture signed to the ghost was removed. The following day when the staff returned, all of the pictures were found smashed on the floor.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Louisville, Kentucky
In 1883 Major Thomas H. Hays bought the land Waverly Hills Sanatorium stands on and built a one room school for his daughters. The school was named Waverley School by the woman Major Hays hired to teach the girls, Lizzie Lee Harris. The property was later named Waverley Hill by the Major and when the board of Tuberculosis Hospital bought the land they kept the name. Construction on the hospital began in 1908 as a two-story building, designed to accommodate forty to fifty tuberculosis patients, and was opened on July 26, 1910. Tuberculosis, also known as “White plague” or “Consumption” because it seemed to consume people from within, was a highly infectious disease that commonly attacked the lungs and claimed the lives of over sixty three thousand people in Kentucky. These people had to be isolated from the rest of the population in order to control the spread of the disease. The number of infected people rose very quickly and the small fifty patient hospital was being overwhelmed. It was decided that a much larger Sanatorium had to be built to accommodate all these people. Construction began in March of 1924 and on October 17th, 1926 the doors were opened. Thousands of people died inside Waverly Hills from the dreadful disease. We recommend that anyone who enjoys the paranormal and anyone who is skeptical about ghosts and the paranormal go to Waverly Hills and experience it for themselves.


Haunted Locations: Louisiana

Gardette-Laprete House
New Orleans, Louisiana
The building was constructed in 1836 by Jean Baptiste LaPrete, wealthy owner of a plantation in Plaquemines Parish. He would stay at the house during the cold months then return to the plantation in the spring. Due to a decline in wealth, LaPrete was forced to rent out his home. It was rented by a wealthy man claiming to be a sultan who needed a large house to accommodate a large harem. The new tenant hung draperies in the windows allowing no light to enter. The front doors and gates were locked and guarded by two men wielding scimitars. Passersby could hear music and smell incense if they passed when the door was opened. Stories and rumors began to circulate about the young Sultan. It was reported that his harem consisted of women that were kidnapped and brought to America and were forced to partake in orgies inside the house. One morning as a neighbor strolled by the house he witnessed something gruesome. The front door was open and a stream of blood was flowing from inside. He immediately summoned police and they made their way into the house. Inside was the most gruesome scene these officers had ever seen. Body parts were strewn about the house. Blood covered every inch of the floor and the smell of death poisoned the air. Every person in the house had been slaughtered and chopped into pieces. When the police ventured into the courtyard they found a hand sticking out of the ground. It seems the Young Turk had been beaten then buried alive. At the time it was believed that pirates had heard about the Sultan’s fortune and came to steal it killing everyone in their path. It was later discovered that the young sultan was not what he claimed to be. He was in fact the brother of a Sultan. It was also believed that his brother had sent the assassins to kill him and his family. Since this horrific night there have been many reports of strange occurrences in the house. Residents have reported seeing the apparition of a young man, possibly the sultan, and also apparitions of other people in oriental clothing. Terrifying screams and shrieking can heard emanating from the house. It has also been reported by people walking by that they can smell the scent of incense burning and hear music coming from the house.

LaLaurie Mansion
New Orleans, Louisiana
In 1834 a fire broke out in the kitchen and the fire department was called. The firemen rushed through the courtyard to the kitchen and were shocked to find two slaves chained to the stove. It is believed the slaves had set the fire. The firemen were directed to the attic by the slaves where they would find the most gruesome scene they had ever witnessed. Inside the crawlspace attic was an overwhelming stench of death. There were a dozen or so slaves in the room chained to walls and floor. All were naked. Some were already dead. One of the female slaves was stuffed into a tiny cage, her arms and legs broken and then set again at odd angles. A male slave had his genitals severed while another had a hole drilled into his head with a stick stuck in it. Another had her arms and legs amputated and patches of flesh sliced off her body. Some of the slaves had their mouths sewn shut; others had their hands sewn to another part of their body. A young boy had the skin on his face peeled off, and a woman had her guts ripped from her body. Body parts were also found in jars placed on shelves like trophies. With so much death and agony, it is no wonder the house is haunted. Many people have reported screams of sheer pain and agony protruding from the house at night, while others have claimed to actually see apparitions of slaves walking around the house and on the balconies. In the late 1890s the house was converted into low rent apartments. While the renovations were taking place floor boards were removed revealing the bones of slaves who were buried there. It is believed that Madame LaLaurie buried them there to conceal the murders. During this time it is reported that one of the tenants was rushed by a naked black man wrapped in chains who seemed to disappear into thin air. There have been reports of strange entities wrapped in shrouds seen throughout the house, an apparition that carries a whip and the apparition of a woman in an evening gown. Animals were found decapitated in the courtyard and there have been reports of a man wandering the courtyard holding his head in his arms. The LaLaurie mansion is considered to be the most haunted house in New Orleans.


Haunted Locations: Maine

Boothbay Opera House
Boothbay Harbor, Maine
The opera house was built in 1894, and was intended to be a nineteenth-century civic center. The building cost $14,000 and was built in seventy days. When it was completed, the Masons and Knights of Pythias occupied the upstairs, while the town office occupied the downstairs auditorium. Over the years the building has seen many organizations come and go and was almost torn down. It was once a movie theatre, a school, a YMCA, a recycling centre, a mall and it most recently   the building housed a restaurant and antique shop. Since the mid 1900s there   have been reports of strange activity in the second floor room that was a meeting place for the Knights of Pythias. The piano in the room is said to play on its own. Nobody is sure who the ghost is but some believe it is the ghost of a man that used to play the piano for the theatre in the early 1900s.

Seguin Island Light Station
Seguin Island, Maine
The original Seguin Island Light was built in 1797. It was replaced in1820, and again with the present structure in 1857. The light was manually monitored until it was automated in 1985. It stands approximately 186 feet above sea level making it the highest elevated lighthouse in Maine. During the winter months, the island the light house sits on becomes very desolate and lonely. It is also very cold and can be very boring. The new lighthouse keeper brought his wife with him to live on the island while he tended to the light. She would complain daily about   being bored and not having anything to do. The keeper decided to buy her a piano to keep her occupied. Before the winter arrived he had the piano delivered to the island. His wife was very pleased with her gift and she played it constantly. The only problem was that she could only play from sheet music and she only had one song. Day and night she would play the same song over and over. The light keeper couldn’t take it anymore so he took an axe and destroyed the piano. He then used the axe to hack up his wife and finally turned the axe on himself. It is said that faint piano music can still be heard on the island. The apparition of a woman can be seen wandering around the island and also the apparition of a man can be seen in the lighthouse. It is also reported that objects in the house move around without any interaction from a human hand.

Biddeford City Theatre
Biddeford, Maine
The Biddeford Opera House opened in 1860 but in 1894, was destroyed by a fire. It was decided to rebuild it, and with a design by noted architect John Calvin Stevens, the new Opera House opened about a year later. Many famous people performed at the opera house including Roy Rogers, Fred Astaire and Al Jolson. In the late 1930s the opera house was transformed into a movie house and remained that way until 1965 when it was closed due to deteriorating state of the building. In 1978 the opera house was restored and reopened under the name City Theatre for live entertainment as opposed to movies. There are two ghosts that are said to haunt the theatre. This first ghost is believed to be that of a man who used to run the theatre in the thirties and forties. He has been seen throughout the theatre and he is also believed to be the one behind all the strange occurrences while the theatre was being renovated. Workmen’s tools were thrown around, and freshly painted walls were ruined. The other ghost is that of Eva Gray, an opera singer. In 1904 after   her encore, Eva collapsed in her dressing room and died of a heart attack. She left behind a husband and her three year old daughter. The apparition has been seen numerous times by staff and actors alike. She is known to make the overhead stage lights swing back and forth, and turn lights off and on. People have also reported that they hear sounds of footsteps, soft whispering and the beautiful voice of a woman singing.