Haunted Locations

The locations listed are allegedly haunted; ScatterJaw.com does not confirm that these stories are true, nor were they written by ScatterJaw.com. The stories you are about to read were written by those who have or have claimed to be first hand experiences, encounters, passed on stories, legends and or folklore.


 Before Inquiring On Venturing Out To An Alleged Haunted Location Understand That Most If Not All Places Listed May Be Privately Owned, Permission Should Be Acquired Prior To Visiting.

Violators Shall And Will Be Prosecuted By Local Authorities.


All city, county, and state law enforcement officers are authorized to enforce the trespass laws.  In 40 states, wildlife officers from the state’s wildlife management agency are also authorized to enforce the trespassing laws.  In 22 states posting is not required which means it is against the law for anyone to trespass on private property without the landowner’s permission even if the land is not posted.

Bottom line: obtain permission; be professional and respectful when visiting these locations so that we can all continue to enjoy the experience.