Taunton State Hospital

Built: 1854

Location: Taunton, Massachusetts

Status: Open


To relieve the pressure of a rising patient population from its only asylum, the state appointed a commission to find a site for a new asylum in 1851. After its completion in 1854, the second State Lunatic Hospital began taking in patients. One of the building’s most beautiful features was its breezeways, which were added in the 1890s to connect the end of the wards to the hospitals infirmary buildings. Its distinct cupolas, large dome, cast-iron capitals and window bar gave this building its own very unusual personality. In 1975 the hospital was abandoned, as it was no longer needed. In 1999 the large dome which towered over the hospital’s administration collapsed. Then, on the night of March 19, 2006 a massive fire broke out in the center of the building, which included the administration and theater. Sections damaged by fire were then leveled, leaving only the decaying wings of the Kirkbride. The history of these buildings has been brought to an end. Being the last Kirkbride left standing in the state, the last days were marked as the end of an era. During late May 2009, workers began a complete abatement and demolition on all of the disused buildings on the property.  

Ghostly Experiences:

Allegedly, rumors persist that some of the doctors and nurses would take the patients into the basement and use them to conduct satanic rituals, and in its later years both patients and doctors reported feeling a tremendous sense of unease when even approaching the door to the basement. Reports of a “shadow man” who would crawl on the walls and watch the patients.

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Do not trespass on this property, all violators will be arrested.