Thermal Imagers

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A thermal imaging camera consists of five components: an optic system, detector, amplifier, signal processing, and display.

Thermal imaging cameras incorporate these components in a heat-resistant, ruggedized, and waterproof housing. These parts work together to render infrared radiation, such as that given off by warm objects, into a visible light representation in real time. The camera display shows infrared output differentials, so two objects with the same temperature will appear to be the same “color”. Many thermal imaging cameras use grayscale to represent normal temperature objects, but highlight dangerously hot surfaces in different colors.

Cameras may be handheld or helmet-mounted and has the ability to provide meaningful visual readouts beyond 2,000°F (~1,100°C).

Our Opinion:

Thermal imaging cameras are a very useful tool in the paranormal field. Although they can be used to debunk hot and cold spots by providing pin point knowledge of what and where temperature changes are rooted; this piece of gear will definitely break the bank. Hypothetically speaking, if your team was able to gather enough funds to purchase one of these cameras would you risk bringing it to an investigation to possibly get damaged, stolen or left behind?

Not Worth The Purchase

Range Of Costs:

$1,500.00 – $30,000.00