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Is an electronic speech-synthesis device which utters words; depending on environmental readings, including but not limited to electromagnetic waves. The Ovilus has an embedded database of words, sensors and an electromagnetic field detector (EMF).

The Ovilus has several different operating modes depending on the version. However, by general consensus the common modes used are Dictionary and Phonetic.

In Dictionary Mode readings are combined to create a number, and this number is used to reference the database of 512-2048+ words (Depending on the version). Once a random number has been selected by the Ovilus, the Ovilus will “speak” the randomly selected word.

The Ovilus can also operate in a phonetic mode that reacts to EMF variations to create words that are not in the database. Words can possibly be put together in complete sentences.

Other types of the Ovilus device:

Paranormal Puck, Video Ovilus, Ovilus I, Ovilus II, Ovilus FX, Ovilus X, Talker, and The PX.

Keep in mind the Ovilus is marketed as an entertainment device. Although many paranormal researchers claim the device is a conduit to allow communication with spirits. The odds of actually getting a response that is related to the question a person asked are:

1:512 (Ovilus I), 1:1024 (Ovilus FX/Video Ovilus), 1:2048 (PX), or 1:2048+,- (Ovilus II/Ovilus X, due to their user-changeable dictionaries). There are anywhere from 512 words to over 2048 in the database, depending on the type of Ovilus that is used.

Phonetic mode, the odds of a related response are 1:71; the phonetic generator carries those same 1:71 odds no matter what model of Ovilus is used.


“Due to the random nature of the replies, many paranormal research groups have stopped using the Ovilus because too much is left to chance”.

Our Opinion:

The Ovilus is undoubtedly entertaining; however, when used to gather evidence to present to a client there is too much left to chance. The responses given cannot be relied on to provide circumstantial evidence that spirit is communicating through the device. Furthermore, proving nothing to you or the client(s).

Not Worth The Purchase

Range Of Costs:

$79.00 – $300.00