Ghost Box

A Ghost Box is fundamentally a scanning radio receiver. The Ghost Box cycles through the radio spectrum picking up bits of broadcast signals and static.

While scanning, the Ghost Box will naturally lock on to broadcast carrier signals. The signals will be brief and in some cases will be coherent before moving on to the next wavelength. These boxes are typically fashioned with knobs and switches to adjust the frequency range, cycling speed, volume, etc., to achieve the most convincing outcome for the user.

The concept was invented by Frank Sumption. Sumption makes a number of preposterous claims about the box’s abilities while simultaneously saying it’s not paranormal. Sumption shows his contempt for a scientific or even coherent view of the real world with this quote-

“There is no objective hard physical truth or universe. We all create what we want to see, and everyone thinks their truth supersedes everyone else’s truth”. ~Sumption

Thomas Edison made a couple of published references to a device he was either considering or prototyping that he hoped would be a communication mechanism with “spirits”. Edison’s device would however, never be completed or demonstrated.

Our Opinion:

The Ghost Box device inhibits the listener(s) to use his/her imagination to infer what is being randomly generated through a series of countless radio frequencies. This can also be called the principal of audio pareidolia, essentially the tendency to hear random patterns or phrases. Therefore inferring and manipulating sentences, words or phrases to associate questions with spirit communication.

In short, the device is simply a random noise generator, and deceptively uses authentic logical sound as the raw material from which the noise is generated. The interpretation by the user is then used to bolster or expand their particular brand of fantasy as needed.

Not Worth The Purchase

Range Of Costs:

$37.00 – $300.00