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Equipment used in the paranormal field can easily break the bank, but it doesn’t have too. Today the paranormal field is faced with immense challenges thanks to television.

One challenge is that researchers want what they see being used on their desired reality television show(s). However, most of the equipment used on television is usually prompted to produce sales or to push an item. (Which is why you may see it used only once during a season) Hence becoming a marketing scheme for which the shows get compensated for the use of the item, whether it works or not the viewer will be left wanting one.

How do you know what to purchase? First and foremost decide what type of researcher you want to be then base your equipment needs around that, not what you see on television. We will highlight for you in this section how to document your investigation(s) thoroughly with tips and tricks so you do not break your bank.

We have done research and tested out equipment to see what works best and if it is worth the investment. To view the equipment tested highlight this tab, select the sub categories for the product of your choice.

Bank Friendly Method

First and foremost build your equipment around needs not wants and set up a yearly budget. Before purchasing new equipment check out Craigslist and/or EBay. Gear sometimes can be found cheap on these sites with the right timing and a little luck. Avoid purchasing items all at once. Until you are able to purchase the gear you need try alternative methods. 

Investigator(s) should have:

(Mostly all evidence captured/collected will come from this gear)

“You can afford to wait on these high dollar purchases”