Famous Hauntings


Don’t believe in ghosts? Keep reading and you might just change your mind.

Even avowed skeptics can’t resist the allure of a good ghost story or the spine-tingling thrill of a haunted house or historical site. Whether we’re out to prove that the supposed haunting is a hoax or we’re hoping for an other-worldly encounter with a spirit that has long since passed over to the other side, we’re fascinated with haunted houses, séances and ghost stories of every kind.

Ghost stories and tales of hauntings are so common in nearly every culture that devotees of the paranormal often group ghostly visits into categories, including classic hauntings, in which spirits interact with the living world by rattling windows, turning doorknobs or appearing briefly to us as misty figures, and residual hauntings, in which spirits seem oblivious to the modern world as they reenact a traumatic scene as though caught in their own endlessly repeating loop.

Countless haunting stories have been told throughout the centuries, and many historic homes, inns and even entire towns play up their ghostly legends to the delight of locals and tourists alike. The famous hauntings we’ve listed here are sure to reaffirm the conviction of true believers and test the confidence of even the most cynical. Do you believe in ghosts? Read on…and you just might.